Stacking Success


Masters Champions Dinner. What’s on the Menu?

If I won the Masters, I’d serve the following for the Champions Club dinner

Roast Chicken

Lake Sturgeon

Venison hot dogs

Chicken Wings flown from Duffs

Baked Beans

Mac and Cheese


Garlic Bread

Spinach Salad

Cream Puffs and Oreos for dessert

This would be served buffet style if the stuffgreensuits will let me have it that way, I doubt it.  Plus I’d make all the people waiting for the buffet play games to get to know eachother.  I don’t think that would go over well either.



I used to go

To the Black Earth Public Library all the time to pick up CD’s from the Madison library network.  That network has a terrific selection, I filled out a lot of my collection from that stock.  Still, at Black Earth they knew me so well because I’d have stacks and stacks coming in daily.  So they started asking me what they should buy with their extra money.  I picked some of the most random items ever for them to buy, and they did it.  Albums on CD but hard to find, like Nashville West and Lyn Taitt.  Here’s what I scored for, and from, the Black Earth Library (if I can remember them all)


downloaddownload (7)download (8)images (6)q97723llryg[1]download (9)download (10)download (11)download (12)download (13)download (14)



To Jameson

Jameson, I was thrilled to hear your mother tell me about your interest in popular musicimagesCAANLK6F.  I have collected albums for over twenty years now, it’s my favorite hobby.  Music is like basketballDr. J with Ball – it will never get old.  There is always something new and exciting that can be done, and the bestcovers-0437 have their own distinct style that separates them from the rest.


Your Grandmother Geri knew a lot about pop music.  Growing up in Detroit, she was there for the Motown assault    She liked all the big names – Smokey Robinsondownload (26), Diana Rossdownload (27), Marvin Gayedownload (28), Stevie Wonderimages (6), the list goes on and on.  Michael Jacksonimages (7) became famous as a child with his Motown group, the Jackson 5images (8).  These are all important names in the history of modern popular music, but it’s not rock and roll.  It’s classified as rhythm and blues, or R&B.  Stevie Wonder is easily one of my favorite musicians, I think your mom would say the same thing.  His music is very easy to listen to, and it’s filled with positive messages and happy vibes.


Papa Tom liked rock and roll when he was growing up.  The Beatlesdownload (1) were the biggest group of the day (and of all time) but he preferred other groups like the Dave Clark Fiveimages and the Hollies.  These groups are from Great Britain, and they are important groups in the history of Rock and Roll.  They built on the success of Elvis PresleyFrom Elvis In Memphis (F) and his contemporaries, marking many British groups and viable forces in popular music.


Other artists that were important in shaping early popular music are Chuck Berry, Roy Orbisonimages (1), Jerry Lee Lewisimages (2), and Buddy Hollydownload (2).  As you may already know, Elvis is considered to be the first “rock star”.  The 5 songs he recorded in 1956 at Sun Studios in Memphis Tennessee are considered by many music the most pure rock and roll ever recorded.


Anyways, those artists are really old.  Your mom is pretty old, she likes pretty old music.  Your mom introduced me to one of my favorite all-time groups – REMdownload (3).  Your dad is fairly old too, he likes a group I like named Rushimages (3).


I’m not really up on what’s popular,imagesCAANLK6F but I’ll be happy to point you in the right direction if you’re looking to try listening to different kinds of music.  It’s cool with me if you like Hip Hop, it’s not my favorite but I’ve found some over the years I really like.  The Beastie Boysdownload (4) and Gang Starrimages (4) are groups from the 1990’s I like to turn on.  Hip Hop culture, along with rap music, is credited starting on the streets of New York.  Some stars of early hip hop are Afrika Baambaataadownload (5), the Sugar Hill Gang, images (5), and Kurtis Blowdownload (6).   I know you’ve heard that old rap song “they’re playin’ Bas  ket  ball…”  That’s Kurtis Blow.


Personally, I have come to appreciate and love all kinds of tunes, but rock and roll with always be my favorite.  I’ve listened heavily to Jazz, Blues, Funk, R&B, and Country and Western Music, and there are artists in each category I like a lot.  I don’t listen to much “new” music, primarily because I think the best musical ideas hatched in the 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s.  I don’t like loud music very much and I don’t listen to heavy metal.  I do like the youtube video of you singing “Sweet Home Alabama” on the pool table.

I keep this blog because it gives me an outlet for my musical ideas.  Nobody reads it, but it’s something to do, like an art project.  If you want to see what I like and get some insight into what your Uncle BuhSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES is all about, keep reading.

A new Arrangement

I have so much music, so many albums I’ve been meaning to listen, so many subgenres to get into, so many artists to check out – I’m changing the way I set up my collection on my computer (my usual listening station).  I try to listen to one album per day, that’s all I have time for.  If I like it, it may play for several days. Therefore, I’m trying to dumb down my search parameters.  Nine Artists, 18 albums, 8 weeks.  In addition, there will be three featured styles.

Here’s a list of the Featured Styles I’ll be digging on for the next 60

Style 1 Canterburydownload (17)     Style 2  Weather Related download (18)   Style 3  Free Jazz Classicsdownload (19)


9 Artists

Buddy Milesimages, Jazz Qdownload (20), Maneigedownload (21), Michael Franksimages (1)Miroslav Vitousimages (2), NRBQdownload (22), Phil Upchurchimages (3), PFMdownload (23), and Sparksdownload (24).     I’m especially grooving on Jazz Q today, lately though Maneige and Michael Franks have really sparked my ears.  I feel I need to become familiar with Miles’ catalog, although I feel I may be disappointed overall.  NRBQ and Sparks deserve attention from me after having sat in my collection for 8 years since being listened.  Phil Upchurch is an artist I’ve wanted to single out as well, and PFM is prog rocks greatest Italian band.  Fluency with their catalog is a must.






Michel Colombier 1979


I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this one but I’m glad I did.  Wowee Zowee.  The credits are a who’s who of the funky jazz world – Jaco, Larry Carlton, Herbie Hancock, Steve Gadd, Tom Scott, Airto, Randy Brecker, Lee Ritenour, Ray Parker Jr., Peter Erskine – Holy smokes.  There’s even a song with the London Symphony Orchestra.  I think Colombier said “I’m going to make an eclectic album and I’m going to hire the best to fit the mood of the song.”  Some of the songs sound like Weather Report, some like Herbie’s solo work from the ’70’s, mostly jazzy funkdified delights.  The first song, “Sunday”, sounds like it is Tower of Power on a prog rock trip.  Song 2 has a Parliament feel.  There’s some Crusaders influence in there as well.  “Layas” is my favorite tune on the album at this time.

Whoever this Colombier guy was he obviously had some clout bringing those names in on a project.

What a superb find, in my rotation forever   ++++- out of +++++ an extra half plus for obscurity and a great, early ’70’s sound recorded in the late ’70’s.