For some reason, when it comes to music, I’ve always wanted to listen and collect what it seems others don’t.  I never cared for the Beatles all that much.  I can’t stand but a few Pink Floyd songs.  I detest the Eagles.  Phish and Widespread Panic should do an extended Antarctican tour and their road crews should abandon them.

It’s really been that way with everything in my life.  As an example, I remember being the first kid in my junior high to wear Birkenstocks. People initially laughed at me, but after I started wearing them, many kids got them, then I stopped wearing them.  

 When I figured out Led Zeppelin was incredibly popular, they lost their luster.  I still like the music, unlike the artists I mentioned before (I’ve given Floyd and the Eagles a chance to win me over; Phish and Widespread Panic I just can’t get through an entire disc).  For some reason I find the mainstream to be incredibly boring.