I’ve been toying with the way I listen to albums.  Primarily, I jump from genre to genre depending on my mood, sometimes trying out music I haven’t heard, sometimes revisiting albums I’ve listened to a couple of times, sometimes going back to an all-time favorite.  I’ve noticed lately this method isn’t agreeing with the lifestyle I’m trying to live.  As I get older and gain more and more responsiblity, I feel a pressing need to feel organized.  Looking at my method for musical consumption, this ragtag effort doesn’t comply with that need.

At the beginning, I tried 4-8 albums each from 4 different artists, in an attempt to fully explore the depth and breadth of a particular artists’ work.  Then, there wouldn’t be so much to choose from–Am I in the mood for blues?  Do I really want to listen to Chaka Khan?  How about some latin jazz?–meaning less decisions to make, and a thorough understanding of the artist as opposed to skipping from one disc to another.

Now I’m trying to explore various genres and styles.  At the moment, I’m going for Canterbury Scene progressive rock and roots rock, while listening to little else.  I’m not quite sure how this is working for me, but I love the Canterbury Scene thus far.

But it’s the roots rock I find myself listening to the most.