Man, I’ve realized some of the best funky R/B comes from soundtracks to ’70’s blaxploitation films.  Just about everyone has heard of Superflyand ShaftTwo positively all-time classics of the genre.  But, there’s many, many more, very obscure examples of classic blaxploitation soundtracks.  Coffy features a killer soundtrack by Roy Ayersand the smoking body of Pam Grier.  The Mack boasts a score by the redoubtable Willie HutchDetroit guitar wiz Dennis Coffey gives us the music to Black Belt JonesJames Brown kills Black CeaserJazz giant Grant Green shows his funky chops on The Final Comedownand trombonist extraordinaire J.J. Johnson delights the ears with his funky horn on the best of all blaxploitation film, Willie Dynamite incidentally, this movie stars Gordon from Sesame Street