I collect comedy records just like I collect music.  I’ve never been interested in stand-up comedy that much, but some of it is hysterical and sometimes while cleaning or on a car ride I’ll get the urge to listen to some comedy.  I’ve got a fair collection–oldies, with Bob Newhart and Lenny Bruce and Mike Nichols and some others.  I’ve got some classics like Richard Pryor and Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin and Albert Brooks.  Then I’ve got some more recent releases, like Bill Hicks and Patton Oswalt and David Cross.  David’s “Shut Your Mouth, You Fucking Baby!” makes me almost pee my pants every time I listen.

One comic I’ve latched onto is Kevin Pollak.  I knew of him from a few of the films he’d made, but I saw one of his comedy specials recently and he was really funny.  He doesn’t have any recorded material other than TV specials, but he keeps me in stitches.  He does the best impersonations I’ve ever heard.