Big Star————–#1 Record


Big Star’s debut album is an all-time classic of the rock genre.  Countless musicians have used this band as inspiration (you’ll hear strains of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and R.E.M. and the Replacements in every song) and the guitar-oriented, Byrds and Beatles, Kinks and Badfinger stylings helped usher a new brand of music called Power Pop.  Alex Chilton (formerly of the Box Tops, who had a #1 smash with “The Letter” in 1967) and Chris Bell were the driving force behind this album, recorded in Memphis at famed Ardent Studios.  The songs are simple and straight-forward, and in 1972 with the onslaught of progressive rock and bands like Led Zeppelin few artists tried to sound like this.  Big Star was a band beset by internal strife and poor management, therefore few people heard this record when it was initially introduced.  Over the years, the public recognized what a great listen it was, and fans grew exponentially.  A fabulous rock gem that contains a number of classic tracks.

Rating: +++++