I love music and I listen to all kinds. I read reviews from professionals and amateurs alike, and normally if something is rated as good or great, I can find the goodness or greatness in it, whether or not it fits my likes/dislikes. I am an avid fan of the Progressive Archiveshttp://www.progarchives.com/ website, and vehemently search for albums recommended by the prog buying public. Normally I agree with their findings, and whether or not I repeatedly listen to their suggestions is based upon my personal likes/dislikes.  I like an awful lot of progressive music, but one artist that gets extremely high marks I don’t see the genius–it’s Van Der Graaf Generator.

So many progarchive members seem to jizz over them.  I listen, and i don’t hear it.  I wonder what is wrong with me, then I wonder what is wrong with them.   I think they suck.  Perhaps I suck, I just don’t know it or won’t admit it.