Over the years to have developed a surplus of albums for future listening.  I’ve visited some Rolling Stones bootlegs I’ve acquired over the years, and man some of them sure are awesome.

  This one has an incredible version of “Lovin’ Cup” performed in 1969.  6:40 in length, on Exile I thought this song got lost in the shuffle.  This version churns along, telling a tale of a drunk man who just wants to drill his wife before falling asleep in a drunken stupor.  Pure Stones’ sloppy rock.

The other songs are great too, with some Muscle Shoals sessions thrown in.  There’s a really early version of “Leather Jacket” which would be the lead track off of Mick Taylor’s 1979 solo debut. There’s a number of cool instrumentals in this disc.

This boot from 1974 has great soundquality and a superior cover. 14 songs with a more country flavor, but still rockers like All Down the Line mixed in.  I wish I could decipher who it is on guitar (I have no notes on this album) but I think it’s Mick Taylor with Keith Richards.

This is a great sounding recording, a 1972 performance at MSG.  Only 9 songs but an excellent highlight–12+ minute Midnight Rambler.

Jamming With Edwardis not an authorized Stones’ release, but for a fan and collector it is awesome.  Three Fifths of the Stones plus the supreme Nicky Hopkins and the untouchable Ry Cooder.  These jams sort of sound like outtakes, and there are only six songs, but it’s fun to listen to.  I am a big fan of Cooder and I love NH.  Cooder lays it down par excellance on “Blow with Ry”.  It’s an extended guitar jam with some lyrics thrown in by Mick.   I don’t have any other Cooder recordings with him jamming for that long. Anyways, some rolling instrumentals and blues fill out the setlist.  I like it, although it receives very low marks in the critic department.

After revisiting Ron Wood’s solo collection recently, I also got interested in an album with the First Barbarians, which includes Keith Richards from a 1974 concert before Wood even joined the Stones.  It’s live from Kilburn, wherever that is.  Ron Wood has a great solo catalogue and this concert is plum pickins.

Other bootlegs from the backburner I’ve listened to and liked recently include

Les Dudek-Live at the Record Plant ’74

Steely Dan Live At The Rainbow 1974

John Prine Session at West 54th 9.12.99

Springsteen at the Hammersmith Odeon 1975 (Kitty’s Back is SMOKING)

George Harrison and Jeff Lynne Rare Recordings ’86-89

Camel Live at the Hammersmith Odeon 1977

Led Zeppelin Haven’t We Met Somewhere Before Live in Seattle 1975

Crosby Stills Nash Young with Nils Lofgren and Bruce Springsteen Bridge Benefit Concert 1986

Mannfred Mann Alive in America 1976

The Kinks 2.8.77 San Francisco

Ry Cooder Live FM Broadcast 1975

Supertramp Dreamer Live in the USA 1976

The Faces Wicked Messenger Live 1970

Traffic A First Spark Boston 1971

R.E.M. Live in Toronto 1983

Neil Young Danny By The River Cincinnati 1970

Caravan Live in Fairfield 74