a true classic rock classic.  Easily on top of any list of my favorite classic rock listens.

So few people bought this album or know of this band and it’s fallen.  Fallen through the cracks.

Others in the lost classic rock classic vein

Ry Cooder and Nils Lofgren tear it up with the best garage band of all time, seasoned from years of rocking with Neil Young.  All Time All Timer here.  What I love about Danny Whitten is how old he sounds for such a young guy.  His weathered voice and pen struck gold with the standard ” I Don’t Wanna Talk About It” (Rod Stewart, Bonnie Raitt covered the song to immense popularity).  A little Rock n Roll record with soul and classic tunes never listened to by the last several generations of humanity.

A great lost rock classic from a guy whose guitar is heard on seminal releases from David Bowie, Ian Hunter, Lou Reed, Elton John,  T Bone Burnett, Roger Mcguinn, a who’s who.  Tidy song selections and guitar raving galore.

Gravy Train.  What else can be said besides dig in?  Earl of Pocket Nook is an ultra-jam for the record books.  Superior rock from a long lost band that might as well have been invisible in the grand scheme of things.  Do you think there’s many vinyl pressings of Gravy Train sitting in a bargain bin in Taiwan?  or Brazil?  Perhaps not, but a damn fine record that sounds like a Traffic lost album mixed with Jethro Tull and a propulsive guitar like Jeff Beck

This one was hard to come by, but well worth the wait.  I’ve spun this record countless times over the last few years, and it perfectly catches my melodic ear.  Led by future Magic Band guitarist Bill Harkleroad, this post-psych relic is not for all tastes, but personally I love their unconventional sound and would put this on MY list of all time lost classic rock classic albums of the classic rock period

 Toe Fat.  Maybe not a classic, but a good album nonetheless with a GREAT cover.  Their second and last release has an even better coverAwesome.