The Jayhawks I decided to groove, so I delved into more Funk Inc.  Chicken Lickin’ Is one of my all time favorite early seventies group souljazz.  Their groove rides hard, and it’s a nice, tidy wave that extends constantly through the record.

For me of course.

Their rendition of “Runnin’ Away” is ultra groovy, complete with killer sax, guitar, and organ solos.  I’d pair it with the original anytime, and I love the original song.  “They Trying to Get Me” is a brooding, bluesy guitar freakout, starting slowly, a couple minutes of simmer, a couple minutes of top blowing.  It really ties the other groove oriented songs together with it’s paranoid atmosphere.

Here I sit alone in this universe the only person spinning Funk Inc over and over and over until my kidsknow every lick.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not breaking any ground, and it’s really only suiting me at the moment, but it’s some great easy groovy listening for me.