Jesse Ed Davis

Jesse Ed Davis played with George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Taj Mahal, Leon Russell, all the greats.  He had a self destructive nature that limited his slide guitar talents to three sloppy and funky and soulful rock and roll albums as a leader and many classic side dates, including the Concert For Bangledesh.

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth was an English hard rock band with psych/prog tendencies.  Their 5 album output from 1972-1976 is interesting, if not noteworthy and strong.  They straddled the boundaries of hard rock and progressive rock with remarkable ease, mesmerizing the listener and floating them through an albums worth of great tunes.  Sure they got slicker and sold out near the end, but didn’t they all, trying for that big hit.


Frankie Miller

Frankie Miller is a beautiful singer of both Rock and RandB.  He cut his teeth on the English pub rock circuit, and put out several quality albums throughout the seventies.  His blue eyed soulful style is great rainy day music and it is unfortunate this talented artist remains buried under Uriah Heep and The Wonderboys.



One of my favorite lost classic rock groups is Mallard.  Mallard was the Magic Band without Captain Beefheart.  They churned out two high quality rock records back in the mid seventies.  “She’s Long and She’s Lean” is an alltime classic bar song, in my opinion.  Good, original rock.  The first album is better than the second, but hell, there’s really only one song I skip on the whole two-fer.  Thanks to Nate Walkner for this one.