This post is a paean to the moment of discovery.  This terminology refers to that split-second you realize you’ve found something you’ve been searching for.   Since I’ve been collecting music for a long time and have specific tastes I’ve experienced this emotion, and the most recent discovery is downright lovely.

I was reading 78 Magazine and it was explaining that Marvin Gaye’s studio output has almost doubled since his record companies have re-released his albums in Deluxe Packages and special formats.  So I’ve been upgrading my Marvin Gaye collection with the Deluxe 2 CD editions that contain some fantasticly awesome material with a host of collaborators.  Michael Henderson and Bohannon co-wrote 2 pieces and perform on several of Marvin’s albums.  I knew Henderson played with Miles Davis and released his own material, and I love listening to Bohannon, but I didn’t know they were involoved with a genius like Gaye.  Now that I’m familiar with his performances on these classic albums, it’s clear how he fleshed out his sound while working with Marvin.  He played drums on What’s Going on, and Let’s Get It On and the extra disc of outtakes are amazing on each album.

At any rate, that moment of discovery makes life worth living.  Like that moment Aaron Rodgers kneeled and it hit you–Super Bowl Champs Baby.  Favre can eat a shitwaffle.  The haters can suck an egg.  Ted Thompson bashing no more.