All progressive lately.

I scored a grand total of 151 progressive albums recently.  A fine score it’s turned out to be, and it’s piqued my interest in progressive rock again.  With this take, my music collection is absolutely right dead on balls almost where I want it.  Everything is spelled right and all the songs names have been capitalized.  My Blues, Jazz, R&B, and rock collections kick ass (I don’t have much punk or metal but I’ve still got major releases from each).  My country and electronica and world collections are more than fair, especially in light of my tastes.  I have a ton of soundtracks and comedy albums and miscellaneous novelty soundbytes.  All I need is cover art in each folder and cross some t’s and dot some I’s and I’ll be spot on.  Here’s a sample of the booty

Check out some of these album covers.   I’m listening to Horizont right now, great Genesis like blend of instruments.  In fact it sounds like it could be a Genesis outtake.

Thirsty Moon is probably the highlight of what I’ve listened to so far.  German Jazzrock is one of my favorites, and I finally tracked down 3 albums from this seminal group.  Really great stuff, different yet exciting and on par with favorites Kraan, Kollektiv, Hanuman, and Embryo (which were much much much easier for me to find, but it’s almost a shame I have a ten year head start with those bands)

That Panta Rei cover is great.  This music will give me lifelong pleasure.  It’s ALMOST time to stop collecting and start truly indulging, but those damn Jazz Q and Flower Kings files aren’t done downloading…….

Note—-it’s not so progressive right now—-this New Jersey Kings record I’m listening to is some of the best jazzfunk fusion with contemporary jazz I’ve ever listened to