Kraan is my favorite, but Frank Zappa is my main all time love when it comes to music listening.  Turned on at 17, I immediately got six of his discs from BMG and rocked em in my car (red wheels), Dw’s, the dangerous Edie Kramer basement, my bedroom, Brotto’s garage, my house, BP’s garage–man FZ blew my mind.  I didn’t get Hot Rats until I was about 22 and that quickly became top 15 in my album rank.  He still does, though I’ve listened so much and his catalogue is so varied I tend to lose focus on how great he is.  He’s so influential in progressive rock it’s silly.  He’s still popular around the world, renowned for his creative process, prolific output, and all out jam capabilities in trios, four piece, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten………..on and on.  He conducted thousands of string orchestras, recorded eighty four proper releases and outtakes galore.  He composed classical music in his teens and didn’t even write rock music until he was in his twenties.  He went on to rewrite rock rules and defied conventions to such a degree only a handful of artists around the world have reached the heights he’s reached in the studio.  He sold few records, he didn’t sit well with mainstream America ever–TRUE genius rarely does–and I think it’s that spirit that draws me to his geeky satirical raucous rock and his goofy experimental tracks and the serious classical compositions that filled his final days.

His early period is what I tend to revisit, and I’m listening to a beaut——–four discs on the making of Freak Out! with a Fillmore concert unreleased from nineteen sixty six with a ton of interviews and opinions—awesome stuff.

My favorite FZ albums