rules my being at this juncture.  Nothing else seems fresh and exciting to me right now, it all sounds dull and thin.  Except for a song I discovered a few days ago, it’s a band from the mid seventies named Upp, the song is called “Give it to You”  The leader of the band is Jeff Beck, of all people!  I had no idea he led this band for two albums and toured with them.  The song is great, the beginning is almost progressive.  There’s floating Mellotron and a melody almost resembling Caravan or Camel.  Then, the second half of the song, Jeff Beck uses the talking guitar to groove out the listener, then back to more progressive with weak but good lyrics.  Stellar music, I like Jeff Beck and the other musicians never performed on anything else of record, therefore I feel like I’ve shoveled a rare jeweled scarab.