I wrote this poem when I was fourteen, and it’s still the best school assignment I’ve ever turned in.


Pounding, grabbing,

Tearing at my skull.

Popping veins out of everyone’s head;

making grandmas wish they were dead.


Twisting, shaking,

bodies aching

feeling like you’re on the verge

your clumsy body ’bout to surge

into another world,

full of wonder

and mystery

and life.

And best of all, there’s


Making feet tap

Waking a dog’s nap

Making rude neighbors mad

and suddenly you hear your Dad?!

Hey!!!!  What’s going on up There!!!!”

Author’s note                   I got an A plus on the poem plus the class presentation, which shined (thanks spork)   The teacher pulled me aside and told me how great it was.  She said it should be published.  She said she’d see what she could do.

I never heard back from her. She didn’t say I had talent or try to nurture me or push me in any way.

Her name is Jane Thompson and I’ve heard she’s recently retired with a queen’s farewell and still lives under the water tower in Cleveland.

Eggs at the ready.