with my numerous New Year’s resolutions.  As it pertains to music, I’m attempting to listen to those so called “classic” releases I’ve neglected all this time.  Not that I really neglected them, I just didn’t make time for them or it never occurred to me to spin.  I’m heavily into Genesis’ The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway.  I’d heard the title track many times and I’ve listened to the Colony of Slippermen on a few occasions, but I’d never sat down and listened to the entire album, probably because it’s a double album and I don’t have the patience to meticulously listen to a 90 minute album–I’m breaking it up and it’s been great.  Thus far, it’s a ++++- out of five.  It gets a touch slow and plodding in a few places, but the theatrical nature of Peter Gabriel and the technical precision of the rest of the group make it an easy listen, and a fantastic album.  A few more spins, maybe +++++.  This may lead me to more concept albums (which I’d never been attracted to before).  The story is about a Puerto Rican juvenile delinquent named Rael.  He lives in NYC, and he’s forced to battle underground creatures to save his brother.  Thus far, the benchmark for the concept albums I’ve heard.