My favorites have been UK rock artists from the 1960’s and 1970’s.  Led Zeppelin played a huge part of my high school experience.  Same for the Who in college.  Post college I really started digging into the Kink crates, along with the Faces and others like ELO and Badfinger.

I still consider these groups favorites, and I’ve added a new artist to this collective: Pete Townshend.  Always an admirer, I never listened heavily to his solo output until recently.  It was the song “The Sea Refuses No River” while checking out his 1982 solo album “All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes” that really put me over the top.  I see parallels in myself in Townshend’s search for meaningful existence, of which is the topic of many songs in his solo canon.

Beyond that, he’s a master pop and rock craftsman, and his songs are fun and easy to listen to.  Some records he’s put out are way too over the top for my taste (Iron Man for example) but he relentlessly pushes the boundaries of his art, resulting in many fantastic works of music.  In my opinion, of course.