The last time I looked forward to a new record coming out as much as I am looking forward to the release of Dr. Dog’s “Be the Void”.

February 7 is the release date, and I find myself on their website looking for news and album tidbits they offer their fans.

I’m not certain if I’ve written about Dr. Dog in previous posts, but they are my favorite contemporary band.  They sound like the Beach Boys, the Band, and the Beatles had a baby and updated it’s image to fit the DIY indie look.  Next to “Petra Haden Sings the Who Sell Out” Dr. Dog’s songs are the only contemporary rock I’ve discovered I find myself singing along to.  Outstanding, CSN harmonies, clever lyrics, simple melodies with hooks to spare.  Dr. Dog, in my eyes, is the finest working contemporary rock band out there (apologies to Eels, Flaming Lips, Blitzen Trapper, Wolf Parade, Mofro, and Drive-By Truckers) and are poised for a major breakthrough.  I just hope they don’t change their aesthetic for mainstream approval like past favorites of mine R.E.M. and Dave Matthews Band.  “Crash” and “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” both truly suck.