I watched a fabulously magnificent movie about the life of Harry Nilsson.

This movie was thoroughly engrossing not only because he lived an interesting life, but the interviews with celebrities like Robin Williams and musicians like Van Dyke Parks, Micky Dolenz and Gerry Beckley (among many others) revealed intimate details about Harry’s composition.  I didn’t know he was such a maverick, nor did I know how self destructive he was.  Prior to viewing, I knew he was a favorite of the Beatles and that he had a majestic voice, and I had listened to Nilsson Schmillson many times and his earlier recordings a few times.  This feature opened a door for me, I’m going to explore his discography and I assume I’ll become an ardent fan.  Previously I’d avoided poppy Beatleesque music, but recently I’ve gained new respect for the Beatles and I think I can gain the same for Harry Nilsson by exploring his work.  Right now I’m listening to The Point!–very lovely and intriguing.