Recorded in 2002, released (in Europe and Japan) in 2004, my favorite version of Gong (which includes other notable groups like Gongzilla, New York Gong, and Gong Global Family) doesn’t feature stalwarts like Allan Holdsworth or Hansford Rowe, instead showcasing Moerlen with a number of Russian fusioneers.

I like this record.  It’s half parts jazz-rock mixed with new age electronic fusion lite.  Some of the songs have neat and tidy grooves featuring an array of Moerlen percussion, while others sort of float along on a wave on synths.  It’s chill and it’s great background music.  Songs like “Classique” and “Airway to Heaven” melodicize the record and give it a bit of kick.  “Lacheur” is my favorite song on the album, featuring a killer organ solo. The musicianship is very good, reminiscent of prior Moerlen’s Gong releases “Time is the Key” and “Leave it Open”.  “Blue Nuit” is great and brings to mind classic Moerlen, showing off killer drum/vibe interplay, weaving distorted guitar through the roller coaster melody.  Overall, it doesn’t hold up to “Gazeuse” or “Expresso 2”, two all time classic progfusion Gong releases, but it suits a leisurely cocktail party or Sunday morning listening.


Title Composer Time
1 Flyin’ High 5:49
2 Airway to Seven 4:37
3 Pentanine (I. Part One) 3:28
4 Au Chalet 4:04
5 Trip a La Mode 4:49
6 Réminiscence 6:46
7 Interlude 0:40
8 Classique 7:12
9 Lâcheur 6:11
10 Bleu Nuit 3:54
11 Pentanine (II. Part Two) 2:11
12 Montagnes Russes 7:04
13 Troyka 4:33

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