Recently I came to a conclusion I have way, way to much crap.  This comes three months after I raided my closet and gave away about half of my clothes.  I’ve just accumulated all this stuff over a long period of time, and sometimes I feel claustrophobic.  My music collection is a prime example, so to save space I’ve been weeding through what I don’t listen to, what I rarely listen to, and since a replacement for most albums are always at my fingertips, I’ve been deleting.

Mostly it’s the extraneous rock and bop albums I’ve accumulated that have gone into the recycle bin.  I was collecting albums from obscure artists and stuff I didn’t like but thought I may later or my kids might like; that era is now over.  My Bloody Valentine and Jesus and Mary Chain is gone.  Red Garland, see ya.  Beck is gone.  Even most Led Zeppelin and Stones albums have been deleted–I know all the words, I only pull them rarely, and if I do it’s to listen to a bootleg or rare import I have kept in my collection.  My electronic and rap collections are now almost invisible.  If I want them again, now I know where to get them!