To blasting Caravan at least twice per day (and other Canterbury groups with Richard Sinclair like Haftfield and the North and National Health), I’ve been trying to catch up on more prog that’s been sitting in my collection.  Jazz Q, Eela Craig, Kornelyans, Prosper, Pekka Pohjola, Wigwam—primarily Eastern European and Scandinavian stuff from the ’70’s that’s considered classic progressive by my trusted sources.  I’m buying in, each album I’ve listened to is fabulous (I’m really trying to like the Prosper album, I hope it grows on me.  Right now it’s a +++- album for me after about 15 listens).

I especially like Jazz Q–I’ve written about them before, I’d slowly began working them into my repertoire for the last few months, because of the incredibly high marks they receive on ProgArchives  Their early stuff sounds like a mixture of Free and Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac with a female vocalist.  Their later stuff is creative jazz fusion, which makes for great listening (for my tastes).

Plunging headlong into Progressive Rock has given me a new outlook on music.  I’d grown stagnant with my listening practices a few months back, and it’s practically a new genre for me to explore.  There’s so much good shit out there I really can’t get enough.  Here’s some others I’ve tried during the last several days………and some others on my list to try.