Beachwood Sparks put out a new album recently.

It’s excellent.  So-cal chill rock/country in the style of later Byrds, throw in some Stone Canyon band, Beach Boys and Poco, update the music with an indie bust and you have Beachwood Sparks.  And this is a comback after ten years away from the NEW shelves.

REALLY top notch, some of the best work I’ve heard this milennium out of an indie band–I’m putting it up with the Volebeats right now.  I’m far removed from indie country-rock right now in my musical interests, but it’s always refreshing to hear something refreshing.

I don’t want to get too in-depth, because this is a treasure to be discovered.  Their previous efforts are pretty much in the same vein (except for maybe some folkier Byrds influences) and are both enjoyable.  If this is it from Beachwood Sparks, it makes a hell of a triumvirate.