I’ve got to thank Matt Sams for this one, or I’d never have heard it.

Twilight is the moniker of one man band Lawrence Ross, a Bay Area musician who recorded his debut album in 1981 for 1200 bucks in seven one hour sessions.

The music is r and b, with dynamic variations on the tried-and-true soul/funk formula.  The tunes are catchy, happy, and stay with the listener long after the album ends.  The first side is a nearly flawless collection of music, with my personal favorite “Give Love a Try” sounding like the best Hall ‘n Oates song ever recorded.  In fact, I think the first seven songs are superior listening.  The slight reservation I have of this record is I feel it ends with a bit of a thud.  The last two songs are the most boring on the disc.

There is added appeal to this Twilight album in it’s obscurity.  Original pressings have fetched astronomical sums.  Luv ‘n Haight, a subsidiary of Ubiquity Records, reissued both Twilight albums in 2009, helping increase the availability of this magnificent recording.

The past few months this album has really grown on me.  When I first heard it, I thought it was good.  Now I’d call it excellent–a true lost classic. ++++- out of +++++