Like a number of my favorites, it’s taken me years to fully appreciate how awesome it truly is.  Poignant is the word I’d use to describe this album of musical poetry.  Stellar musicians like Emmylou Harris, Mickey Raphael, and Steve Earle contribute to all-time classics like “LA Freeway”, “That Old Time Feeling”, “Like a Coat From the Cold” (I literally tear up now every time I hear this song.  The most biting love song I’ve heard in any genre) and the coup de gras, “Desperados Waiting For a Train”.  Vignettes about bums and whores and lost souls are brought to life by the powerful imagery evoked from Clark’s deft rhymes.  Excellent beginning, fabulous middle, glorious ending.  “Instant Coffee Blues” and “Let Him Roll” bring the terrific album to a close–the most underrated songs on the record.

Clark is the most underrated singer/songwriter in history.  Sure he’s primarily a country artist, but he definitely embodies the essential spirit of the singer/songwriter.