I’ve discovered I like some artists I never thought I’d want to continually listen to.  I’ve tried these groups before, and thought “OK, this is OK, but not the 5 star primo dank I’m used to listening to”.  IT’S WILD HOW TASTES CHANGE.  I’m into late ’70’s-early ’80’s band like ShriekbackKilling JokeHeaven 17and XTC right now.

It is amazing how tastes change.  I remember I made the ignorant statement of the century once when I told Matt Sams “I’ll never own or listen to a Talking Heads album”.  A month or two later I was listening to Remain in Lightall the time.  Oh well, at least I said that last century and I wasn’t too stubborn to listen to it–still that was a dumb thing to say and something I’ll always remember.


Still, everytime I hear 80’s post-punk/new wave, I either compare it to Remain in Light or A Certain Ratio’s I’d Like to See You Again, two all-time classics.