I find the progressive and pop collisions enjoyable on Genesis’ self titled 1983 release. My favorite songs, Taking It All Too Hard, Just A Job To Do, and That’s All fit the pop mold, and accent the progressive elements contained within the album, specifically both Home By The Seas and Mama. In my eyes, Illegal Alien gets a bum rap from prog reviewers, although I respect the viewpoint and understand why. It’s almost R and B pumping through your speakers when that song comes on. Personally, I enjoy it, I think it’s a good party fun time song.

At any rate, of course it doesn’t hit the highs of the Genesis glory period, but I like some 80’s pop once in a while and it can’t be argued that these men are as accomplished as musicians come. I’d rather listen to this Genesis album over just about any new wave or synth pop album that came out of 1983.  I think it’s good, but non-essential for prog aficionados. I’ll give it a low four in my own rankings, for me it’s 40+ minutes well spent. ++++ out of +++++