I’ve lost it.  I’ve lost the feeling I used to get for music.  I don’t know why, perhaps it’s the constraints on my time.  Of course my children100_4298 have been my number one priority since I became a father, and my job takes a ton of my time.  I find even going to work I’m listening to talk radio instead of a CD.  I’m not lazy, just out of the groove.  Music is still my number one hobby but who has time for hobbies when I’m working all the time.

When I do turn on music, I’ve been listening to Steve Miller Bandrecord_plant_fMany music fans know who Steve Miller Band is, but I feel his early work is sorely underrated.  The radio plays the Joker and cuts from Book of Dreams and Fly like an Eagle, but there’s 6 other solid albums he’s got out there prior to those albums.  I like his eclectic nature, his laid back style, and his voice is great.