Miriodor is a very accessible French-Canadian avant progressive group.  They’ve been releasing records since 1980, growing from an RIO influenced avant group to a mature, genre-busting phenomenon nobody knows anything about.  They just put out a new LP in September, which has forty reviews on  In contrast, Steven Wilson put out a new record late in 2013 that has almost five hundred reviews.  Many of their past albums have been issued on Cuneiform, a top player in todays progressive circles.

It’s bizarre this group doesn’t have more of a following.  Their past four albums sound like an artistic expression of the best Medeski Martin and Wood avant experiments on steroids.  Miriodor is that good and that original, and their engaging, offbeat rhythms contain great appeal.

Challenging yet ultra easy to listen to, this elegant group of sonic experimenters have been on heavy rotation during my listening hours.  Unfortunately, Miriodor doesn’t provide good background music for me.  I get drawn in by their unusual rhythms and instrumental transitions too easily, and I have to listen.

Their last four albums are highly, highly recommended for adventurous listeners of instrumental music.

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Youtube link to the first track off Cobra Fakir: