I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this one but I’m glad I did.  Wowee Zowee.  The credits are a who’s who of the funky jazz world – Jaco, Larry Carlton, Herbie Hancock, Steve Gadd, Tom Scott, Airto, Randy Brecker, Lee Ritenour, Ray Parker Jr., Peter Erskine – Holy smokes.  There’s even a song with the London Symphony Orchestra.  I think Colombier said “I’m going to make an eclectic album and I’m going to hire the best to fit the mood of the song.”  Some of the songs sound like Weather Report, some like Herbie’s solo work from the ’70’s, mostly jazzy funkdified delights.  The first song, “Sunday”, sounds like it is Tower of Power on a prog rock trip.  Song 2 has a Parliament feel.  There’s some Crusaders influence in there as well.  “Layas” is my favorite tune on the album at this time.

Whoever this Colombier guy was he obviously had some clout bringing those names in on a project.

What a superb find, in my rotation forever   ++++- out of +++++ an extra half plus for obscurity and a great, early ’70’s sound recorded in the late ’70’s.