I have so much music, so many albums I’ve been meaning to listen, so many subgenres to get into, so many artists to check out – I’m changing the way I set up my collection on my computer (my usual listening station).  I try to listen to one album per day, that’s all I have time for.  If I like it, it may play for several days. Therefore, I’m trying to dumb down my search parameters.  Nine Artists, 18 albums, 8 weeks.  In addition, there will be three featured styles.

Here’s a list of the Featured Styles I’ll be digging on for the next 60

Style 1 Canterburydownload (17)     Style 2  Weather Related download (18)   Style 3  Free Jazz Classicsdownload (19)


9 Artists

Buddy Milesimages, Jazz Qdownload (20), Maneigedownload (21), Michael Franksimages (1)Miroslav Vitousimages (2), NRBQdownload (22), Phil Upchurchimages (3), PFMdownload (23), and Sparksdownload (24).     I’m especially grooving on Jazz Q today, lately though Maneige and Michael Franks have really sparked my ears.  I feel I need to become familiar with Miles’ catalog, although I feel I may be disappointed overall.  NRBQ and Sparks deserve attention from me after having sat in my collection for 8 years since being listened.  Phil Upchurch is an artist I’ve wanted to single out as well, and PFM is prog rocks greatest Italian band.  Fluency with their catalog is a must.