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Stuff was a collection of sudio musicians that put out 4 records in the later ’70’s.  Gordon Edwards was the musical director for a group of giants, guys who have about a million credits between them all.  Billy Cobham, David Sanborn, Steve Gadd, Cornell Dupree, I mean come on.  Their music is mostly instrumental RandBish Jazz – no real fireworks just sunday driving tunes.  It’s mood music that fits my mood right now.  I think my friend Scott from work would like these guys.

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Finally: Preston Love’s Omaha Bar-B-Q and Corky Laing’s Makin’ it On the Street

I can cross these two off my list

They’ve been there for years


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2 good albums, 2 great covers.  Corky Laing (best known as the bassist for Mountain) turns in a high quality, eclectic performance released in 1977.  Love collaborates with Johnny Otis on upbeat R and B tunes featuring Love’s alto sax and a really young Shuggie Otis on guitar.

I’ve wanted to hear these for a long time.

Garage a Trois

Man am I glad I discovered this group!  In fact, their fans are lucky this is a group at all.  Initially, a one-off performance inspired this collection of contemporary jazz stars to form a band.  Led by guitarist Charlie Hunter and drummer Stanton Moore (of Galactic fame) their 4 albums are a series of creative forays into all types of music, always firmly rooted in the jazz tradition.  It’s a shame Hunter left after their second album, but their third and fourth still smoke.  I wouldn’t classify them as acid jazz or trip-hop, but their records can definitely be spun at parties.  Nu Fusion is more like it.

Ibis – Sun Supreme 1974



Sun Supreme 
Ibis Rock Progressivo Italiano

Review by Suedevanshoe

4 stars 4.5 Stars. This album flows gracefully and makes a great addition to the catalog of obscure progressive collectors. ELP, Genesis, and Yes influences are evident, yet don’t weigh down the overall feel. This album is creative and cerebral, although one wonders how romantic it may sound in their native Italian as opposed to the coarse english lyrics. Sometimes majestic and sometimes down to earth, Sun Supreme should be owned and cherished by fans of classic RPI – this is a terrific listen, an embodiment of the progressive ethos.The final two segments of Divine Mountain are a joy to have on repeat


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Miriodor is a very accessible French-Canadian avant progressive group.  They’ve been releasing records since 1980, growing from an RIO influenced avant group to a mature, genre-busting phenomenon nobody knows anything about.  They just put out a new LP in September, which has forty reviews on  In contrast, Steven Wilson put out a new record late in 2013 that has almost five hundred reviews.  Many of their past albums have been issued on Cuneiform, a top player in todays progressive circles.

It’s bizarre this group doesn’t have more of a following.  Their past four albums sound like an artistic expression of the best Medeski Martin and Wood avant experiments on steroids.  Miriodor is that good and that original, and their engaging, offbeat rhythms contain great appeal.

Challenging yet ultra easy to listen to, this elegant group of sonic experimenters have been on heavy rotation during my listening hours.  Unfortunately, Miriodor doesn’t provide good background music for me.  I get drawn in by their unusual rhythms and instrumental transitions too easily, and I have to listen.

Their last four albums are highly, highly recommended for adventurous listeners of instrumental music.

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Youtube link to the first track off Cobra Fakir:

I Don’t Know

I’ve lost it.  I’ve lost the feeling I used to get for music.  I don’t know why, perhaps it’s the constraints on my time.  Of course my children100_4298 have been my number one priority since I became a father, and my job takes a ton of my time.  I find even going to work I’m listening to talk radio instead of a CD.  I’m not lazy, just out of the groove.  Music is still my number one hobby but who has time for hobbies when I’m working all the time.

When I do turn on music, I’ve been listening to Steve Miller Bandrecord_plant_fMany music fans know who Steve Miller Band is, but I feel his early work is sorely underrated.  The radio plays the Joker and cuts from Book of Dreams and Fly like an Eagle, but there’s 6 other solid albums he’s got out there prior to those albums.  I like his eclectic nature, his laid back style, and his voice is great.